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There Are At Least 250 Gooners Who Admire Nicklas Bendtner!
August 14, 2009, 18:19
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Nicklas Bendtner's New Jersey

Nicklas Bendtner's New Jersey

What a romantic our Dane-y Boy is!

Yes! Nicklas Bendtner is actually following the club’s ‘Be a Gooner. Be a Giver.’ cancer campaign. The young Dane has changed his jersey number 26 to 52. And, he is reimbursing any Gooner that bought a replica shirt adorned with No. 26 on the back.

But I am pretty confident those Gooners are not dying, whose last wish was to buy his jersey.

Bendtner is reportedly facing a £10,000 bill from Arsenal for his generosity. The average price of home replica shirt is £40. So, there are around 250 people (10,000/40) who actually bought original bendtner’s jersey. I mean 250 people !!

For those who admire him…Where are you guys?…errr…Hello? anyone? Come on…you bought his jersey!

For those who hate him, I had told you! Stop moaning about him. You just lost a jersey.

Anyways, does doubling up the number (26×2=52) mean he is hoping to score 30 goals this season (15, overall last season?) Good, if he thinks like that. Awesome, if he will come any near to that figure.

But I like one thing about him: He keeps his head down and works for the team. He may not be a glamorous striker, but he wasn’t bad last season (15 goals at the age 21) And he can perform much better. Lets all hope and dream!

“Bendtnerrrrrrrrrr and he is the top goal scorer of EPL 20010-11!”



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cool outlook,,, do some more additions

Comment by raman

Super post, Need to mark it on Digg

Comment by AnnaHopn

i was using this number on my jersey couple years ago. its my lucky number (i born on 5th february) and i thought no first stringer will use it so it’ll looks unique and original.

never thought he would choose this number as well.

and when i was playing FIFA Manager last season, i already sold adebayor and gallas to AC Milan. guess what happened? he manage to overcome van persie by becoming top scorer and named as footballer of the year.

i admire van persie and walcott more than him, but its a good thing to hope arsene will create another super legend like henry once again.

and don’t forget to lookout for ramsey as well. he’s showing great improvement from last season.

In Arsene I Trust

Comment by Akeji

Macheda from ManU also changed his number and my friends bought his old numbered 41 jersey. But he is not offering any reimbursements 🙂

Ramsey will be the answer to Fabregas departure.

Comment by God is a Gooner

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