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Vintage Rivalry Review – Manchester United vs Arsenal, 29th August 2009

Manchester United vs Arsenal - Old Trafford, 29th August

Manchester United vs Arsenal - Old Trafford, 29th August

1990 – The Beginning
In reaction to a late challenge, McClair kicked Winterburn repeatedly, as he lay prone on the ground, igniting a 21 man fracas. FA docked Manchester United a point and recouped two points from Arsenal (who went on to win the 1990-91 league title). The Arsenal-Manchester United Rivalry was officially inaugurated!.

Arsene and Fergie - Mental Games

Arsene and Fergie - Mental Games

1996-2001 – The War of Words
The war of words started between Arsene and Fergie. Some of the exchanged verbal attacks included:

“I’ve got a 15-year-old boy from the Ivory Coast, he speaks five languages.”
– Fergie, on arrival of Arsene in England in 1996.

“It’s wrong the league programme is extended so United can rest up and win everything.”
– Arsene complaining about Manchester United’s fixture list in 1997.

“They wouldn’t have waited for three months if it was a United player…….our disciplinary record is tremendous. I’m very proud of it.”
– Fergie on the delay of disciplinary hearings on Patrick Viera and Thierry Henry.

“One thing I will say is that he doesn’t disturb my nights at all. We didn’t do anything, but if we are clever, that’s a compliment.”
– Arsene responded.

Keane: I just can't play football. I am awed by your mojo. Vieira: F*ck wad, I don't like you piss face.

Keane: I just can't play football. I am awed by your mojo. Vieira: F*ck wad, I don't like you piss face.

2001-2005 – The Tiffs, The kicks and The Pizzas
10 years later after the first official kick, came the most fiercest period of rivalry between the two clubs. In the course of 2001-2005, EPL witnessed Kanu leaping over Wiltord to claim the title for Arsenal in 2001-02 at Old Trafford; Van NistelRooy missing the penalty and antics of Lauren and Keown; much-yearned battleground tiffs and the famous tunnel incident between Vieira and Keane before the kick-off; Neville’s frolics to kick every Arsenal player in the midfield, Rooney’s dive to break the gunners’ 49 unbeaten in league record and pizza chucked at Fergie after United 2004 victory at O.T.(In his autobiography, Ashley Cole made us yawn by giving the hint that the arsenal player behind the pizzagate incident was neither english nor french. C*nt-face Loser! i just can’t avoid him) and the list goes on.

Champions League Semi-Final 2009
After defeating Arsenal on aggregate 4-1, Evra declared “We were 11 men and they were 11 children.”. And these words are still alive in the heart of every gooner

Today – 29th August 2009
Arsenal and Manchester United are back again today to lock their horns at Old Trafford. And, God and I yearn once again for a footclassical clash of the titans and the march of two clubs to the warpath of old rivalry.

Both the clubs have been weekend in the summer. As a tradition for both the clubs – Heroes came, Heroes Left (Diver also. Did you miss it? See another)

But clubs will continue!

Today’s tie is just not just Arsenal against Manchester United for 3 points. Its beyond that.

Today’s tie could give a massive boost to Arsenal squad to firmly set on 2009-10 title challenge.
Today’s result may bring back the old days of Arsenal’s premier league authority.
Today’s tie may rekindle the old but subdued rivalry.
Today’s tie can prove it once again that Arsenal Manchester United Rivalry is indeed a Vintage Affair to cherish about.
Today’s tie can prove it once again it was always Us against the Scums!

Come on Gunnersssssssssss, Show the c*nts what you’ve got!
Roll on 5:15 pm !

Here is a preview video compiled by Comp-Art using latest clips.


God is a Gooner. Cheers!

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