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The Truth about the Old Traffordish Penalty – The Dive of Wayne Rooney
August 30, 2009, 03:31
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Place: Old Trafford Dressing Room
Time: 1805 hours, Half-time

A shoe flew in the air and struck rooney on the nose. And Fergie jumped on to him like a stray drooling bitch suffering from rabies,

“You f*ck-wit piss-face, what do i play you for? I have been signaling you like a third-tier prostitute from Russia to make a dive. What the fuck you are doing outta there you fuckmouth?”

“I thought UEFA is watching, so i decided not to do this time”, replied the shrek.

“Shut the f*ck up you f*ckmunch! Moron, what do you take the training for? I tell you, you better do this before the hour mark or you better sit at home for one month f*cking your bird, coleen.”

“Ok my master! i will do it.”

And then this happened.
(Look at the darg marks of w*nker’s back foot before he comes in contact with Almunia)

The Art of Subtle Diving - Wayne Rooney, the Master

The Art of Subtle Diving - Wayne Rooney, the Master

Pic Source: Dean James, Arshassins

God can only be a Gooner. Cheers!

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ur the biggest looser thats all i can say… he got a penalty fair and square….. aluminia did bring him down….

Comment by Rohaan

lol.. good lord there is being blind and then there is outright stupidity.. Watch a video and pause the bloody video just before the point of contact.. The frickin pig is already on his knees, not to mention having dragged his back foot for a few feet

Comment by Anirudh

Rooney brought the penalty! He was going down before he got to Almunia but Almunia did also make contact with Rooney and Rooney knew that. Even Lee Dixon has said it was a pen. Why you not mentioning the disgusting behaviour of Eboue?!?!

Comment by Dannybhoy_16

Umm, Rooney is clearly going down before contact is made and even so he would NEVER have scored had he stayed on his feet. THe ball ended up a mile into the stands so the ref is an idiot. and Also arshavin shuldve got a pen, dusnt matta if he scored. its the principle of the decision making at Old trafford. Fergie had anotha bit*h to the refs again

Comment by Loksta

You are such a fuckload on earth, if u say that after watching the proof.Almunia brought him down you fuchugly? He was reaching out to ball? he was kneeing down to make it look like an obstruction

Comment by God is a Gooner

God is not a gooner. He hates you.
You cheated a catholic team and payback is a bitch!!!

Comment by Dannybhoy_16

He was going down before Almunia was on the pitch!
Flecther took out arshavin and hanballed it.No peno so how was this?????????????????

Comment by Valo

Yes it was a penalty but Arshavin scored in the same move!! So therefore Arsenal would have only been 1 up!!

Comment by Dannybhoy_16

what? we are distributing bananas here from sky or something,,that you got one after all, somehow!! I say, if Dean wouldn’t have given the penalty to you, what the fuck manyooo could have done and what the result could have been?

Comment by God is a Gooner

lolz @ Dannybhoy. That is the stupidestestest comment I see Manure fans making over and over again. “So what if the penalty was not given? Arshavin scored anyway so the scoreline would be the same.” ROFL, el stupido.

How about… “what if the penalty was given and Arshavin converted the penalty, and THEN scored that monstrous goal after that? Then the score would be 2-0.” See even we can come down to your level and talk the same way. “What if the penalty was given and Arsenal scored 5 more goals after that?” See, I can go on and on.

Comment by Kima

doesn’t exactly looks like a obstruction or foul, depends upon from whose point of view u r looking at it…anyway I haven’t watched the game so cant just take sides…

Comment by raman

even a non-football fan can see that! where the fuck is platini?

Comment by God is a Gooner

i dont gv a rats arse..Do u remember this message…ha ha

Comment by Karthik

ya i dont want u to give ur arse or any other mammal’s arse. Do you see here he is diving that? tell that..

Now u know what all goes at O.T. ? he was the cunt who broke arsenal’s 49 unbeaten record in 2004. he dived at that time too..

Comment by God is a Gooner

stupid cunt! he dragged his left foot before touching Almunia. what a world class diving! Fat Alex must be very proud of you, Dull Shreky Rooney

Comment by Yeshagooner

At least Rooney had the decency to let Almunia take him down. Eduardo and Eboue didnt though? Where are the slow mo videos of them incidents.

Comment by Dannybhoy_16

Making videos of those dives is your job not mine. If arsenal players dive, we admit and he got punished too…

Your fucking reputable cunt dives again and again and no one talks about that. just because he is fucking english. ANd above all over that, its labelled as “Rooney certainly did, what he usually does”.. rugby would be better than this to see all the legit dives and challenges

Comment by God is a Gooner

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[…] Posted by Arsenalist on August 29th, 2009 I’ll sum this game up in two sentences. Robbed. We beat ourselves. Do check this great post about Wayne Rooney’s dive. […]

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Thanks mate

Comment by God is a Gooner

[…] bak mål. Alumina gjorde en tabbe og var for jævlig klønete, JA, men jeg mener dommern lures av Rooney. På reprisen er Rooney på god vei ned før det er kontakt i det hele tatt og ballen […]

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Perfect angle and perfect video,one of the interviewer asked Shrek if it was Penalty afterwards and Shrek said yes it was ,he took me out and everybody agreed ,what the fuck ,that`s why Manure are fucking champions ,i think its about time that an investigation like in Italy should be opened up in the frigging EPL!!

Comment by Gorakshep

Does anyone else think it looks like almunia makes some contact with the ball before making contact with rooney’s dive? No way the ref could see that, but looks to me that the ball shifts position about the time almunia would have made a touch to it

Comment by VolsnCards5

keen observation Vols. but given the time frame, its almost impossible to say that

Comment by God is a Gooner

a bit waspish anywhere this is my take

Comment by vijaytamma

it its meant to be. You can read the introduction to the blog on top left. decent very short summary of match, but you have missed important incidents executed intelligently!

Comment by God is a Gooner

wow, i love this , now we know who cheated.
he is a dissapointment to united.
and the referee wanted united to score,
he was already going down, most united fan confessed they develop high blood prssure cos arsenal is just too classical a team to reckon with, good game boy , keep it up, we see what happens next they introduce video evidence he would have gotten red and ban for 5 mathes , lol

Comment by mark

I doubt about video evidence. Football is becoming like politics. one day one story. Another day, another story.And its forgotten. Moreover, he is english.

Comment by God is a Gooner

Arsenal did out play United but couldnt win. Thats how championships are won – playing badly but still getting the results. Arsenal dont like it up them cos they all a bunch of pussys.

Comment by Dannybhoy_16

[…] days before.  There are numerous images and videos on the web that show, quite conclusively, that Rooney was on his way down and made sure Almunia made contact.  His left leg never makes an attempt to go forward, you can […]

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Even if he didnt drag his left leg, he wouldve gone down because almunia’s hand is already blocking his path. And u guys only brought this up because u fecking lost. Why didnt u talk about eboue’s dive ? Pathetic sore losers. Admit defeat and move on. It’s still only 4 games. There are many games left to play. Biatchhhhhh

Comment by watever

fuck off, that watever guy who made that comment is a cunt. of course we would be fucking complaining even if we won, no matter what the circumstance is a cheat is a cheat, yes eboue dived but were not applauding it are we? rooney fucking dived and its a shame you fuck heads get a fucking lucky win, if rooney was not an england player, the media would be all over this shit.

Comment by brian

Oi fuckever!

“Its only 4 games. There are many games left to play”

What do u think, its love/break-up, you ugly stinking pussy? that you are preaching to move on…or you are here to tell us what could have happened and what could have not?

Sorry, we are not open for that. Take your piss off, scumbag.

Comment by God is a Gooner

Fine, so they say Rooney would have gone down anyway because Almunia made a stupid mistake. Forget that. But how the fuck can the ref call that a penalty and not the one inflicted on Arshavin????? I agree its high time the FA launch an investigation into this despicable favoritism thats been going on every freaking year. Chanting “paedophile” is the only thing Manure fans are good at.

Comment by Kima

Chanting paedophile is all united are good at you say! lol Dont make me laugh. Just compare the trophy rooms and you will see your a talking out your arse!!

Comment by Dannybhoy_16

Dumb f*ck. Read my comment properly or go back to school. I said “chanting paedophile is the only thing Manure fans are good at”. Manure FANS. Get it? Your trophies were won by your team, not your fans. I’m not denying your team is good, but Im talking about the fans here. Jesus… at least make some sense even when you’re trolling.

Comment by Kima

[…] But Mr. Dean is not finished yet. The second half begins, and soon a ball is played into Arsenal’s box, being chased by English boy-wonder Wayne Rooney. Arsenal keeper Manuel Almunia dives for it, makes contact with Rooney, he is on the ground. Penalty is given. By the letter of the law, it is a penalty. But it is important to re-examine what exactly happened. (Watch it here if you like) or check out this animated image that sums it up. […]

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Man Utd getting away with it again. 😦

Blog owner: want to swap links???

Comment by Hate Man Utd

Sure mate. I mailed you at info@hatemanutd.co.uk.
Let me know when you are ready.

Comment by God is a Gooner

If you look at the video really close…..u can see almunias hand hitting rooneys ankle……thats when he goes down…….and then his hand bounces off the turf again and there is further contact

Comment by kaushik

Eureka! So should we start playing without contact?

Thats what he did, he dived intelligently. and i dont need to remind for the 9833479th time. he timed his dive perfectly and his back leg was already kneeing down.

If he didn’t dive smartly, i can just say that he loses his balance if someone disturbs the air zone around him.

Comment by God is a Gooner

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Comment by Zeanstep

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Comment by Maverick

Thanks arsemate.. How is your blog doing?

Comment by God is a Gooner

It’s going good. You know am still new. I update it when any significant thing happens which is almost daily. Though I don’t get a lot of comments. How do I advertise it man? and i don’t know how many viewers I have.

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Comment by God is a Gooner

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Comment by Bill Bartmann

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Comment by Bill Bartmann Scam?

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Comment by Bill Bartmann_

Rooney is a bloody maggot fuck diver, the game was ours, ManUre are shyt, go gooners.

Comment by Alejandro

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Comment by Donnieboy

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Comment by ssswin

good lord there is being blind and then there is outright stupidity

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