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[Internationals]: Senderos Scored 2 within 2, Fabregas As Usual and Bollocks Ballack Got Slapped by Arshavin

Luxembourg [0 – 3] Switzerland
6′ Senderos
8′ Senderos

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I like him.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I repeat – I like him
. Good, he is still at Arsenal. Keep it up Boy!

Armenia [1 – 2] Spain
33′ Fabregas

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In Germany-Russia match, Bollocks Ballack acted out of control after he was denied penalty. He lost control and fell after colliding with Arsahvin In return to his vain attempt to push down Arshavin, he was smacked by the Russian. Loved it!

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God is a Gooner. Cheers!

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Goals: Arsenal 4 – 0 Wigan
Vermaelen scored a brace against Wigan

Vermaelen scored a brace against Wigan on Saturday at Emirates

Yes, we didn’t concede.
Yes, Rosicky is still NOT hurt, even after his shirt was torn apart by Melchiot.
Yes, I am in love with Vermaelen

No, no comments about Eboue.

Watch the goals below

25′ Vermaelen
49′ Vermaelen
59′ Eboue (and Eduardo)
90′ Fabregas

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International Goals: Fabregas, Eduardo and Bendtner on Target in World Cup Qualifiers

Spain 1 – 0 Estonia

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England 4 – 1 Croatia

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Albania 0 – 1 Denmark

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Fabregas to miss Manchester United Clash and Arsene is set to defend Dudu
August 28, 2009, 14:39
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I”ll start with the bad news first. Cesc Fabregas’ hamstring injury will keep him out of Saturday’s clash with Manchester United.

I am out guys. Damn it!

I am out guys. Damn it!

In an interview with Arsenal Online, Arsene confirmed Cesc’s absence and said,

“Fabregas is out and his test was not conclusive this morning.“Therefore he will not travel.

Ideally you want him to travel and to play but he would not be 100 per cent.

Everybody else who played on Wednesday is ok.”


Will Arsene continue with 4-3-3 at Old Trafford?
I guess, he will. We should go roaring into this fanastic tie.

Now, the expected news. Arsene has called UEFA’s decision to charge Dudu illogical and is ready to defend the striker. Dudu has been accused to dive in Arsenal’s 3-1 Champions League Play-off round victory over Celtic when Bhoys’ keeper Boruc appeared to bring down the striker. The referee awarded the penalty to Arsenal and the croatian converted it in 28′ minute

Speaking in Friday’s pre-match conference, Arsene was vocal and vowed to fight against the decision. He said,

“He’s been charged, not charged guilty. We’ll defend our player.
It is completely [a] lack of logic in this case. Why? Because people have reacted emotionally, which I can understand.

Secondly, because this case has been rule by the media.”

Now, I don’t give a rat’s arse if Eduardo dived or not. Probably, boys have learnt the hard or dirty way of playing football. Hell, yeah! But, surely I won’t like any gunner doing that again on the pitch (unless you tell me its Champions league final and arsenal trailing 1-0 in 90′ min)

Singling out a single player and charging him for diving doesn’t make sense. It has to be a football-associations-wide movement. There have been obvious cases of diving (did i say ronaldo? When did i take Drogba’s name?) and English FA didn’t raise its eye-brows. They might have seen that too as a busineess opportunity in some way. But i guess Scottish FA is furious over Celtic’s elimination and Platini of course needs a reason against Premier League.

Anyways, God is a Gooner. Come on you Red and Whites! Cheers!

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