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[Internationals]: Senderos Scored 2 within 2, Fabregas As Usual and Bollocks Ballack Got Slapped by Arshavin

Luxembourg [0 – 3] Switzerland
6′ Senderos
8′ Senderos

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I like him.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I repeat – I like him
. Good, he is still at Arsenal. Keep it up Boy!

Armenia [1 – 2] Spain
33′ Fabregas

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In Germany-Russia match, Bollocks Ballack acted out of control after he was denied penalty. He lost control and fell after colliding with Arsahvin In return to his vain attempt to push down Arshavin, he was smacked by the Russian. Loved it!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Transfer Deadline Day – The Meltdown of a Gooner
Who says only clubs are busy on transfer deadline days?

Who says only clubs are busy on trasnfer deadline days?

BBC Special Arsenal Page – Transfer Deadline Day
September 01, 2009

1200: No Activity at Arsenal.
Gooner: Come on Arsenal, five hours to go.

1250: No Activity at Arsenal.
Gooner: (Sweat)

1355: No Activity at Arsenal.
Gooner: Tell me something you lousy BBC.

1440: Senderos has been spotted with Eboue, rolling over each other on floor laughing their arses off. Reports claim that they are amused over the fact that how they ran the rumors when nobody ever wanted them.
Gooner: (snore)

1515: Security Guard outside Emirates has been seen sleeping.
Gooner: Go to training ground. Call Wenger. Talk to Pat. Check the stores and look if club has placed any orders for jerseys with new name. Do you have someone in Africa? I am checking Van Der Vaart and Matuidi on Twiiter.

1600: An arsenal insider reported that official Arsenal Camera man had applied for half-day leave and his leave has been sanctioned with no replacement.
Gooner: No additions, no cover-ups, broken legs, dislocated shoulders, hamstrings, back-pains, groin-pains, hair-pains, finger-pains, nail-pains, no wingers, diaby, eboue, own goals (cry)

1630: Arsenal is being linked with Gattuso in Italy.
Gooner: Grow up you pathetic bunch of journotards! I know you heard Ian Wright. I know Gattuso’s wife is Scottish. Fuck the Scottish FA. I am not gonna shave this news up my arse. Tell me the real thing otherwise i will break this screen off and shoot myself.

1649: News! Finally! ….its Voronin. The last link-up.

Gooner: Give up! Where is the gun?

Even God is a Gooner
. Cheers!

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